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If you are trying to figure out how to survive a road trip with kids, you’ve come to the right place to find some tips and hacks.

The best way to start your vacation off on the right foot is to ensure you have planned some key things to keep your kids entertained while going on a road trip and spending some time together. It’s best for the entire family when kids enjoy the road trip as much as the parents.

The SELL MY CAR QUICK team compiled 7-holiday survival tips for you:



If you think you have packed enough snacks…. pack some more!

Try to bring fresh veggies, fruit, sandwiches, yogurt drinks and other food that will last a good part of the day. Slice up cheese, pickles, salami and crackers for our go-to for a car ride with kids.

Just like us, kids seem to eat more while sitting in the car, so pack enough.

Try and find a great picnic spot on the side for lunch and let the kids get out and run around as we eat.


Reusable Water Bottles

Bring an empty water bottle and fill up as needed from bottled water, juice boxes, drive-thru drinks, etc. It just prevents spills for any type of liquid or at least cut the spillage.

Make sure the kids have used the water bottle before your road trip so they are familiar with it and have no problems drinking from it.


Be Prepared for Emergencies

We’re not just talking about an emergency stash of lollipops for a sugar crash. Make sure you have a roadside emergency kit stocked with extra food, water, and blankets. Add some large Zip-Loc bags, which can hold soiled clothing or serve as a toilet for a small child in an absolute emergency.

Emergency numbers are also key. Always have a list of contact numbers — pediatricians, relatives, and roadside assistance — in the car.


Stop the “Are We There Yet?” Questions

“Distraction” is the name of the game. The next time you get the age-old “Are we there yet?” question, simply hand over an old school map. Ask your child to figure out how much longer you’ll be on the road.

“Cents” are also a good way to keep the kids distracted. Give each child a roll of 50/20 cents (make sure that they are properly sanitised) prior to the trip. Every time they ask how much longer it’ll be until you arrive at your destination, take one away.


Map Out Breaks

Don’t leave your rest stops to chance. Do a little research on your route and find local eateries, great roadside attractions, and other spots for a good pit stop. Find interesting places to stop for breaks, like historic sites, museums, charming towns, and also beautiful places for picnics. The important thing is that the kids burn off some energy. The more active they are outside the car, the more likely they are to fall asleep inside. If nothing else, stopping at a playground for 20 minutes during your family road trip will do the trick.


Get Crafty

Craft supplies are super easy to pack and can keep kids occupied for hours. Like origami paper folding kits (found at any PNA), but any kind of crafts — from paper and crayons to beading and pipe cleaner sculptures — will work.


Don’t Overload on Electronics

Movies and travel apps are great, but this is the perfect opportunity to help your kids find more imaginative ways to entertain themselves. It really is okay to leave them to their own devices and let them be bored. Just use the DVD player and iPad a little more judiciously, and consider playing some classic, electronic-free games instead.



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